Chapter I
April 25, 1993, at 17 years old and without any knowledge of photography, I present myself to a photographic contest in my hometown Berga (Barcelona), I did not win the contest, but a passion began in my life, then it will be my profession.

Chapter II
Start university studies for the Graduate in Photography at the UPC. 3 years of technical training. According to one of my teachers: «Picasso, before making his magnificent works, you had to learn to make a circle, you are not here to make great works, you are here to learn to make circles.»

Chapter III
Three months before finishing my degree, he calls me one of the great packaging photographers in Spain. He has been left without an assistant and needs someone for only three months, our relationship will last 3 years! With him I learn everything that the school has not been able to teach me, I learn to be a professional.

Chapter IV
My partner is relocating to Madrid, and I am embarking on an adventure to establish my own company, starting my journey in the field of advertising. I have collaborated with renowned agencies such as Ogilvy, JWT, McCann, and others. Simultaneously, I seized the opportunity to further my education at UOC, earning a degree as a Technical Engineer in Management Informatics.

Chapter V
Three years later, we find ourselves returning to Barcelona. Despite the challenges and the longing for Madrid, I start anew by maintaining my contacts in the city. Here, I collaborate with notable companies such as McCann, Grey, VMLY&R, TBWA, Wunderman Thompson, JWT, Saatchi, as well as design studios including Pulp Design, Summa, Little Buddha, Julius, Logic Design, Branward, Coleman, and more. I also work with international clients such as Nestlé, Jumbo, Gallina Blanca, Danone, Jack Daniel’s, Affinity, Campofrío, Buitoni, and Seat. During this period, I balance my work as a photographer with teaching roles at IDEP.

Chapter VI

Now is the time to achieve success in competitions and festivals: I have earned 10 AFPE LUX awards, along with 3 Cannes Lions (gold, silver, and bronze) among numerous other recognitions from various festivals and competitions. The prestigious publisher Lürzer’s Archive has selected me as one of the ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2016/2017.’ You can explore my complete portfolio of awards at https://www.davidbarra.com/awards/.

Furthermore, I am expanding my experience as an educator, this time at a higher level — the university. I have commenced teaching photography to students pursuing degrees in Advertising and Public Relations and Journalism. Following that, I pursued a master’s degree in digital communication and new technologies. Currently, I am working towards a doctorate in Generative Artificial Intelligence.


Chapter VII
You sign up? This is your chapter. I would like you to be part of this story. I am convinced that we can do even greater things, my passion for photography and my dedication to this world make it possible for us to achieve great goals together with you. I wait for you!.